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Update Manager does not have a repository of its own with an updated version of VMware Tools.Most administrators would keep their ESXi hosts up to date with the same version of the OS, only using different OS versions intermittently in order to cycle through the upgrade for all hosts in their environment.In this article, we will look at methods to place the updated version of VMware Tools 10 on your ESXi hosts, specifically two simple methods for finding VMs that are not running an up-to-date version of VMware Tools.

The procedure shown in Figure C is fine, provided you only need to update a few ESXi hosts; any more than that and this method is more effort than it's worth.If you are good at creating Bourne Again Shell scripts and regularly run Linux at your workstation, it makes more sense to script the command line with SCP on Linux in order to update a large number of ESXi hosts.For less experienced administrators, this may still be too complex a process.At the end of the update cycle, all hosts and VMs would have the same version of VMware Tools.Now that VMware Tools can be updated separately, it's important to make sure you have the same version on each and every server.

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