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This may be harmful in the long run, especially if the relationship dissolves and the individuals decide to look for other potential mates among their social network.Facebook can have both positive and negative effects on relationships, but it all depends on what type of person you are and how you use the social networking site.Disclosing authentic information about one’s relationship is beneficial as well.One study found that when people displayed their relationship status as “in a relationship” and posted disclosing statuses and pictures of themselves with their partners, they reported higher satisfaction.Now let’s examine the downside to using Facebook in your relationship.1) Going “Facebook Official” raises confusion and conflict: Once a relationship intensifies past the initiating and experimental phases and a couple decides to go “Facebook official” (FBO), Facebook can become a source of relational confusion and distress.Rather than waiting until the third date to realize that a person is not a good match for you, Facebook instantly provides information about the potential partner’s interests and hobbies.

Posting a status like, “I can’t wait to spend time with my boyfriend back home,” and “I swear I will love this girl forever,” can help relationships flourish both online and offline.

One study found that high levels of Facebook usage were associated with negative relationship outcomes like cheating and break-up.

Such negative outcomes are generally the result of Facebook-related conflicts like contacting an ex-partner and constant partner monitoring.

The increasing popularity of social networking websites such as Facebook has affected how we interact with one another, and that includes how we communicate with our romantic partners.

Initiating the courting process has gone from bravely asking a person out to dinner on their doorstep to simply instant messaging the person or even liking their profile picture.

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