Dating stella harmony guitars

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Guitarists know them as the creators of Stella and Harmony guitars. Unfortunately, these things are almost impossible to play.

To give you an idea of the unwieldiness of the Tremeloa, here are two people wrestling with a simple melody: It takes two hands operating separately to play the Tremoloa.

Conversely, it is worth noting that other manufacturers occasionally mixed square and beveled kerfed linings on their instruments. Until the 1970s, the Harmony Company used only solid woods for just about every acoustic flat top instrument they made.

Their Stella instruments were made from solid slab-sawn birch, which to the untrained eye often has a grain pattern that looks rather like "plywood".

Harmony Stella guitars usually have a poplar neck with a dyed maple or birch fingerboard.

The guitars they produced were ladder braced, not because it was the "cheap" way to build a guitar, but because this was the customary way steel stringed guitars were built in Italy, France and Germany until the mid-twentieth century." Thousands and thousands were sold, yet very few people ever mastered them.You can find Tremoloas on e Bay for as little as the sticker price.The majority of these instruments were sold door-to-door by dubious salesmen in rural America from 1932 to the mid-1950s.Unsuspecting would-be musicians were promised that this was the instrument the entire family could play.

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