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Paul’s new album, Driving Rain, is his first studio album of new songs in four years.It boasts fifteen fresh Mc Cartney songs that were all recorded in LA with a new producer, David Kahne (credits range from The Bangles to Sugar Ray to Tony Bennett) and a new three-piece American band.And then there’s some songs about meeting Heather – so those are pretty positive. I wrote a couple, or three, when I was on holiday in India. DF: Did Ringo have a hand in deciding the album’s first single? That was really for me just to see if I enjoyed playing. 11th so it was just like that useless feeling everyone got like, “Well, what can we do? Well, we’re musicians, we can raise some money for the families and we could maybe raise the spirits of New Yorkers – that’d be a good thing – and of America generally. He’s a 23 year-old guy called Gabe Dixon from Nashville, and when he started playing I thought, “Wow, he’s pretty cool.” He was playing some funky Booker T things on the organ. He could do some really flash stuff but I didn’t have very flash stuff to throw at him really. Then there was this guy called Rusty Anderson who again was an LA guy. I said that I’ve got this song called ‘About You’, it goes like this.PM: He was in LA and we’d been doing a bit of recording and me and Heather went round to see him and Barb for, like, dinner. I was thinking of doing some stuff after Madison Square Gardens ‘cos I knew I could get the guys for that. I knew I would and I knew I had to do that concert for New York. So I knew I wanted to do that and that’d also be like dipping my toe in the water to see if I fancied playing still. And, yeah, I was going to do a bit of stuff round about now. I was going to do one in London at The Astoria, actually. And he was just a real nice guy, really good guitar player. So I gave him a little acoustic thing and we just all ran into the studio like we used to do with The Beatles and started making a record and it was over in a couple of hours and we were like, “That’s cool; it sounds just like a record”. DF: So the way you approached the Driving Rain album, there’s a link right back to early Beatles and early Wings? So you just tried everything on the spot and, like you say, we did that again with Wings and it’s always been my favourite way of working. There’s something workshoppy about it that’s kind of exciting.

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The show was settled in at the Astoria for a 16 night run, two "houses" each (except for 24 and 31 Dec when there was only one).When Beatle stuff surfaced in recent years – the Anthology collection, the 1 singles compilation – it was as though the previous few decades had never happened.Paul fronted Wings in the ’70s; their tours broke records, their records sold millions.There were no shows at all on 25, 29 Dec and on 5 Jan. One hundred thousand tickets for the 30 shows went on sale on 21 october. The show was a success.[Source: Lewisohn, Complete Beatles Chronicle]Afternoon rehearsal at the Cavern in 1962Ringo has confirmed he's drumming.In the circumstances this probably places the recording between Aug, when Ringo joined the band, and mid Dec 1962. Afternoon rehearsal at the Cavern in 1962Ringo has confirmed he's drumming.

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