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If you find out early on there are white lies (men tend to lie about height and income most commonly in online dating) it could be an early sign that trust will be an issue in the relationship.

Be honest when writing your own profile – if you haven't been to yoga in over a year you probably shouldn't list it as one of your interests. It's really easy to be fickle when dating online, to write someone off for the smallest thing – offensive red trousers, incorrect use of their/there/they're.

A survey released by the dating site Plenty of Fish in 2016 found that 78 per cent of single Millennials - or people between the age of 18 and 33 - have been 'ghosted' at least once.

Someone might be on the fence about a potential suitor, so instead of getting rid of them, they'll keep their options open and literally put them on the 'bench' - where there might be several others waiting.

However, it seems that singletons have another dating tactic to worry about known as breadcrumbing.

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Just as you figured out what ‘sexting’ was, in came a whole host of new-fangled relationship jargon.See who's out there but don't intentionally mess people about.Timing is everything – if you just see it all as a game you might just accidentally unlike Mr Right out of your life.Ghosting While this term is relatively new, the act of ghosting existed long before the dawn of online dating. Ghosting occurs when someone you’re dating suddenly stops making any contact, giving no signs at all that they’re no longer interested.It’s usually a result of them being too afraid to tell you they don’t want to take things any further.

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