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Emotionally Intelligent Design The future has feelings. Future Foresight Masterclass Learn how to future in five steps. You, on the other hand, might be condemned to live in yesterday forever if AI has it's way.A masterclass that covers theory to design research to prototyping to staging to critique. Uncover the real you through a combination of psychological profiling, therapy-based exercises, social media profile speed dating, browser history day in the life, and other activities. This session is especially thought-provoking for teams and can be extended into a design studio.Would you use this Tab dating extension on your Chrome browser? It's much more difficult to vividly imagine the kind of future we might want.The Tab dating extension is still in the ‘sign up’ phase.

Learn how to stage prototypes with techniques from speculative design. In one (or two, if you like) days, immerse yourself in the future of design research. Feelings that make us a bit uncomfortable, mostly because we don't have a way to design with emotional intelligence. This workshop looks at theories of emotion, the latest tools in emotion artificial intelligence, and new qualitative research techniques to bolster our technology's EQ. " Alice can't go back to yesterday because she was a different person then.

That’s what we needed – a dating app that’s a built-in extension of your browser!

This might just become the next ‘it’ thing in the online dating scene, making every interaction on the Internet a potential date.

The app’s name is Tab, which is straightforward and unoriginal.

But its tagline is catchy enough – ‘Puts serendipity back into digital dating.’ You can add the Tab browser extension to Google Chrome, which will provide you with potential matches every time you open a new tab to search for anything – be it about how to prevent neck darkening or check out how to make the perfect croissant or check out what are the events happening in your area.

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