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Much of Bevin’s success compared to Trump’s is likely because Kentucky is much more conservative than America, giving Bevin huge majorities in the state House and Senate and an essentially powerless Democratic opposition. In the wake of then-President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection, conservative tea party activists here were frustrated with Republicans in Washington, who they felt weren’t strong enough in taking on the Democratic president. Republicans have virtually total control of the government here, and the Kentucky press is hardly CNN or the New York Times in terms of setting the state’s political agenda.) Reporters here told me that the Bevin administration will give documents to some reporters but not others and often won’t confirm that the governor will be attending certain public events.He sends mean tweets and sometimes blocks his critics from following him.The governor has blocked at least 600 people from following him on Twitter or Facebook. Adams, a fan of Bevin, views the governor’s norm-breaking as an asset, strengthening his power because he is unpredictable.“He might actually read the Bible” Trump had run for office before a brief, unsuccessful campaign for the Reform Party’s presidential nomination in 2000 nicknames for internet.” Not picking a full-blown health care fight has paid off nicknames for internet.

But it’s hard to imagine it would hurt Trump to have stronger relationships with his party’s leaders in Congress, as Bevin does here.

Bevin was elected in November 2015, Trump a year later.

But Bevin is not accumulating obvios defeats the way Trump has. That’s not to say Bevin and GOP lawmakers in Kentucky haven’t had their disagreements. So there are lots of opportunities across the country for governors to try Bevin’s combination of breaking norms, attacking institutions, and totally sidelining the opposition party.

(Sonka says he used to keep count, but stopped being so precise as the unreturned messages topped 70.

Trump campaigned hard against Obamacare in 2016, but he could have backed away from all that bluster Bevin did in Kentucky.

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