Dating after coming out of the closet

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Being with someone who’s in the closet makes you feel like you have to go right back in there with her.

Then, things start to pick up and get a bit more serious; it’s finally time to DTR.“Sexuality is fluid, but still bisexuals are criticized in the queer community for not fitting in the standardized concept of a homosexual.” However, it’s important to pay attention to how this will affect you, as the person who is out.It can be difficult to be a person who is very public and open about her sexuality and have a partner who isn't as out and proud as you are.“I understand that it's a very important, empowering moment in a queer person's life, but I don't understand [why] whom I like or whom I'm interested in is anyone's business,” she says.Another reason might be that her sexual orientation is a new part of her identity that she’s still in the process of exploring.

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