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If you’ve been given authorization by your Skype for Business administrator, you can quickly get started creating your own persistent chat rooms.

Here's how to create, manage, and disable chat rooms.

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A real estate firm, for example, might find it useful to set up a category of rooms specifically for the sales team, another category for the legal department, and another for the executive team.

Each room category also might have distinct policies about records retention and a required privacy setting.

Other than the Firefox browser, it requires no additional software or plugins, and you don’t even need to create an account.

What’s more, Hello lets you chat to anyone with a Web RTC-enabled browser — including those who use Chrome or Opera instead — and To try Hello, simply download the latest Firefox beta and click the chat bubble icon under the customize menu.

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If the administrator sets the scope of a room category to, for example, any group or user at Contoso can be added as a member of the rooms in that category.All rooms that participate in that room category would inherit those characteristics.The room-category concept affects room membership as well as settings.If there are web-based applications available for your room, you’ll see an Add-in heading in the Create a room window.A Skype for Business chat room “category” is a collection of room characteristics that, for convenience, can be applied to several rooms.

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