Reasons for invalidating a will

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Is it possible that women could be denied positions in the Labor Department because of their sex or that West Point could refuse to admit Hispanics?The answer, which is not obvious as a constitutional matter, was provided in "The Fifth Amendment, which is applicable in the District of Columbia, does not contain an equal protection clause as does the Fourteenth Amendment which applies only to the states.

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The Court suggested that Louisiana's system might serve the legitimate purpose of promoting "morale and esprit de corps" on the river.

Loving v Virginia produces a more typical result when racial classifications are involved: a unanimous Supreme Court strikes down Virginia's miscegenation law.

The Court also applies strict scrutiny to classifications burdening certain fundamental rights.

Indigent single parents receive government financial aid that is denied to millionaires.

Obviously, the Equal Protection Clause cannot mean that government is obligated to treat all persons exactly the same--only, at most, that it is obligated to treat people the same if they are "similarly circumstanced."Most classifications, as the Railway Express and Kotch cases illustrate, are subject only to rational basis review.

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