Lesbian dating straight

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One of them was this reeeaaaaaally hot girl who I just ... We sat on opposite ends so I could not even see her that well, but, you know, well enough to know she was really hot.

She was really tan (it was fall semester and her summer tan just seemed to never go away, which was unfair), and had really short blonde hair swooped to the side. And she always wore a leather jacket, which looked great. Eventually I saw her holding hands with a guy around campus and felt weirdly disappointed, not even necessarily for myself but just for like...

I thought for sure she was going to tell we couldn't be friends anymore or I was going to hell (again, conservative religious family), but I was totally wrong.

Instead she said, "I just wanted to tell you that you're my friend, and I want you to be happy. You deserve someone who loves you and appreciates you for being the amazing person that you are. What I can give you is my support and my ice cream and my laughter and my friendship, and I understand if that's not enough for you, but I want you to know that it's yours regardless."I burst into tears, and they were both happy and sad tears.

Anyway, I never even figured out what her name was (somehow?? all women." "I don't have a legitimate story, other than I think I have a problem because I am attracted to a lot of my close friends who are straight.

I wouldn't necessarily call it falling for them, because it's just the physical attraction.

We just had so much fun and I wanted to hang out ALL THE TIME. You think she's your best friend who you don't want to have sex with. She's hilarious and she thinks I'm hilarious and she dresses like Solange! Just when you think you're out, straight girls pull you back in. "This is kind of hard to talk about right now because my feelings for my straight best friend are very powerful in the way that girl best friendships typically are.

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