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Step 3: Successfully complete Side Op 109: "Extract The Legendary Gunsmith Yet Again". Go to the "Mother Base" - "Customize" - "Weapons" tab, and choose the type of weapon you want to create. The parts of each developed weapon will be available for customization.

Recruiting D-Dog Fulton extract the puppy at the start of Mission 4 (he is at the landing zone where you leave the helicopter). Alternately, he can be found at the landing zones of Mission 3 and 5.

Only the 38 unique missions and prologue must be completed with an "S" rank; the 12 duplicates can be ignored.Even though the range is quite limited, it is a really fun tool to use and will keep your enemies wondering what just happened.It is perfect for taking out heavily armored enemies with a single hit (especially in multiplayer).You can also upgrade it to increase range and battery life.To unlock it, you must successfully complete Side Op 49: "Capture The Legenday Ibis".

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