Who is diamond lil scrappy was dating

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When we got to making the first album, I felt like I was back in school.

You have to put your stakes in and say, 'I have to come at you some point.'"That was then.

Day 31: Lauryn Hill There's no moment quite like when listening Lauryn Hill's vocal prowess on the Fugees' "Killing Me Softly." Every listen takes your breath away.

His longest relationship was with Erica Dixon, which lasted for 10 years and 7 months.

I think Jessica was trying, she was reaching to have some sort of conversation with me because we’re obviously two different people.

Richardson was discovered by BME Recordings and Lil Jon while performing at a bar, when a fight broke out during his in his hometown Atlanta.

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I don’t really fault her for bringing Jessica over at that point because I don’t think it was intentional.

When I finally did ask the questions I also had to make the decisions to leave management.

Also, I don't think anyone understands to be in the present moment until we're older."What's Next?

I just saw most recently Rick Ross and Young Jeezy have worked out their differences, which is a big deal.

It's clear these two couldn't be more in love, considering he just threw her a giant party for her birthday back in January.

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