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Both Babylon and Israel had laws against murder, but it doesn’t follow that one stole the idea from the other.

Should one country not prosecute a crime simply because another country has a similar law?

To help you to identify which country your euro coins are from, we have provided this and a series of similar pages, each showing the obverse (national) side of each a particular coin denomination (value). Finland Shows a heraldic lion which is a reproduction of a design by the sculptor Heikki Hivoja.

These would include the Cuneiform laws, written as early as 2350 B. Both Hammurabi and Moses recorded a complex system of laws that were unique to their times.The Code is primarily a case-by-case formula of customary law covering administrative, civil, and criminal issues. Because the Mosaic Law contains some similarities to Hammurabi’s Code, some critics of the Bible believe that Moses copied from the Hammurabian Code.The complexity of the laws and their subject matter reveal much about ancient Babylonian culture. If they’re right, and Moses simply stole from the Babylonians, then the whole episode at Mount Sinai is false (Exodus 34), and the inspiration of Scripture is suspect.The differences between Mosaic Law and the Hammurabian Code are equally significant.For example, the Law of Moses went far beyond the Code of Hammurabi in that it was rooted in the worship of one God, supreme over all (Deuteronomy 6:4-5).

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