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It’s very unique up there and a bit nuts, but it made for a great childhood.The reason we moved up there was for my dad’s work.One of the most surreal places to find a salt lake was in the top of the Himalayas 14,000ft above sea level.It was hard to imagine the salt in my frying pan that day had once been at the bottom of the @gaby.dillon We caught up with Melbourne couple Tom Blachford and Kate Ballis in their chic pad, complete with mezzanine.Peppered with signs of travel, leafy plants, stylish Eames furniture and an impressive art book collection, Tom and Kate call Yarraville home.I was lucky to have met and learned from such clever women, I’ve been quietly chipping away at these skills since then.Frenchy, can you tell us about growing up in the rainforest of Far North Queensland?

Salt printing is one of the oldest photographic print processes dating back to the 1830’s.

I’ll play a podcast or listen to some music when I’m working to make me feel less alone, ha!

I’ve sampled a fair few podcasts over the past years.

Gab, your work is of a rhythmic nature and is quite laborious, demanding such close attention, what do you do or listen to whilst working on a project?

Weaving is a slow, laborious process so it’s important to establish a rhythm to get into the flow of things, otherwise I would never start or finish a piece.

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