Dating an autistic person

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Everyone is talking about it and beginning to wonder if the child is actually neglected, as no one in their right mind would allow their child to scream all the time without doing something about it.

Partly because it would be disrespectful to talk about any -autistic person as if they weren’t in the room (and therefore, why on Earth would it be different for autistic people?But a doctor from the Department of Juvenile Justice said Cano performed well on academic IQ tests, but he scored poorly on emotional IQ tests, citing that family 'could never read him,' WHNS reported.In addition, other medical doctors at the hearing said that the teen was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and might have been struggling to handle the stress sensory overload, which is often a struggle for children who have the disorder.Addressed 'Dear Neighbour', it said the people living in Mrs Green's street were 'sick to death' of hearing 'it playing outside'.The mother-of-two, who is a full-time carer for Henry, described it as 'revolting' and said it left her 'angry and concerned'.

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