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it could be the port the plugin is a bit flimsy did you try to reset without the sd card in it? Geo 334 - I assume it is charged as it can turn on not plugged in but since it doesn't boot, no battery icon is visible. Steps to perform a software update can be found here: https://support.garmin.com/support/search Support/case.faces? Your device may need to come in for service/repair if it is currently experiencing any of the following symptoms: The device powers on and freezes at the Garmin logo.

The device powers on then freezes or shuts down while displaying the Loading Maps screen.

I've seen corrupted directories, where the Nuvi crashes because it can't write to the flash drive. - Jim The PC won't recognize the unit unless the unit boots past the logo and to the main menu.

In that case, back up all of the files, format the drive and put the files back.... That is where the subroutine is to look for a USB to PC connection.

The device does not load to the main menu and will not go into mass storage mode when connected to a computer.

Note that the Learn Button will give you access to two valuable reference pages - the ".In that case, back up all of the files, format the drive and put the files back.... Continue to hold the touchscreen while pressing and releasing the power button on the device 3. Continue to hold the touchscreen while connecting the device to your computer 5. There is also a known problem on the circuit board where the socket for the power cable connects breaks the connection. When you want to follow a link - but still keep your current page open - you can hold down the "Ctrl" key as you left-click on a link.After 30 seconds the screen should flash white, on this moment the computer install drivers if who don't 6. A green progress bar should display on the device 8. That action will open a new "Tab" in your browser up on the "Tab" bar.If you have good files, you can drop them into the flash drive, reflash the factory firmware and the unit should recover. Failing that, what do you mean by dropping my good files on to a flash drive? What has fixed mine is to plug it into the car charger overnight.I've seen corrupted directories, where the Nuvi crashes because it can't write to the flash drive. Is there a way for me to reload the files on the GPS or do I need to pay them to fix what they caused! Press and hold the upper left hand corner of the touchscreen with your finger 2. Seems as if my battery is bad and there is not enough power to continue past the Garmin screen. Based on the number of different devices you have and the post just made, it would seem like you are a long time, and likely very knowledgeable, but... There is a "Learn" button in the upper right of this page next to "red light cameras" that takes you to a Getting Started page. To make navigation easy, most browsers provide the following option.

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